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3 Reasons Why Online Shopping is Easier Than You Think

Shopping online for those holiday deals can be a stressful time. Worried about security, paying in the correct currency, and receiving your package on time are just a few of the stressors holiday shoppers experience each year.  

Luckily there are ways to help limit the stress that naturally comes with holiday shopping and bring back the joy of the season: 

1. Staying Secure Online: 

Prepaid Visa or MasterCards  and retail gift cards are a great way to help limit the amount of exposure consumers have when shopping online. Both options let consumers dictate what finances can be used for online purchases as there is a prepaid dollar amount available for use on the card. 

Online shopping now presents the greatest fraud opportunity for would be thieves1.  While online card compromisation is still relatively low2, the risk of theft is often enough to be an ecommerce barrier for some consumers. If an ecommerce purchase were to be compromised, the amount of finances at risk would be limited to the amount available on the prepaid or gift card if that payment method were used. Plus as an added bonus, both prepaid cards and gift cards help shoppers budget their finances during the holiday shopping season!

2. Paying with the Currency of the Online Store you’re Buying from:

Solutions like the Canada Post Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard let customers purchase items from international online stores in the currency of that country. This is particularly convenient for shoppers who don’t want to worry about doing the currency conversion in their head to see the actual cost of an item online. With the Cash Passport, customers can load the card with the currencies of their choice at point of purchase (including Canadian dollar, American dollar, British Pound, and Euro among others), or can reload their card at any time either in-store at Canada Post or Online.  This means that users can purchase items from their favourite online store no matter where they’re located with a secure prepaid payment method. 

3. Having alternative delivery options for parcels: 

Having a parcel shipped directly to your place of residence or business is not always feasible and sometimes it’s simply more convenient, or necessary, to have a secure delivery pick up location that is in your neighbourhood. Services like Amazon Counter allow customers to choose a local neighbourhood pick up point, like a retail store, to have their ecommerce order delivered to so they can pick it up at their convenience. A delivery service like this one helps to provide peace of mind for those concerned about items being left on their doorstep. 

Together all of these items work to make a more seamless shopping online experience, and can help everyone make the most of their ecommerce journey during the holidays. 

You can purchase a Canada Post Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard at any local Canada Post. 

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*Cash Passport™ is issued by Peoples Trust Company, pursuant to license by Mastercard International Inc. Mastercard® is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. The Canada Post logo is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation.



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