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3 Ways Your Store Can Keep Ahead of the Competition

October 18, 2021

Staying ahead of your competitors comes down to two critical factors, price and service differentiation. This constant struggle can mean the difference between that repeat  customer coming to your store or going to your competition. These make or break decisions can be stressful, and as a business owner it is sometimes hard to know which direction to take. Luckily, companies like Now Prepay can help you make some of these decisions easier by offering efficient, full service solutions that make operating your business a bit less stressful. Here are three  ways services from Now Prepay can help your business:

  1. Offering Customers The Products They’re Looking For - Did you know that in 2020 there were 328 million prepaid cards in circulation in Canada?1 Canadians are increasingly looking for this method of payment for several reasons including: budgeting purposes, security, and lack of access to other options such as credit cards. Offering a selection of prepaid products in your store will help to bring these customers into your store time and again and give you the opportunity to upsell other products in your inventory when they do. 
  2. Bringing Convenience to Online Shopping - With COVID-19 changing shopping behaviour, 52% of Canadians surveyed in a recent Deloitte study said they are now more likely to want to purchase goods online with Amazon2. With more and more transactions happening online, convenience stores now have a way to take advantage of this change in consumer behaviour patterns. Now Prepay retailers can now add Delivery Services to their prepaid program, enabling stores to become a delivery pickup point for existing, and potentially new, customers who have made an online purchase. This increase in customer foot traffic provides extra upsell opportunities for retailers and introduces new customers to their store on a daily basis. 
  3. Making Taxes Easy - Doing your business taxes can be complicated, but we believe that paying them should be simple.  PaySimply offers businesses a convenient online portal to quickly and securely pay their taxes with a variety of payment options. From credit card, to etransfer, to paying with cash or debit, PaySimply offers all businesses no matter the size an effective option to pay taxes and bills from anywhere, anytime. With one less thing to worry about, store owners can get back to the business of doing business. 


Now Prepay offers retailers a suite of full service solutions to make running their business a little easier. Now Prepay value service differentiation and are constantly adding value to our prepaid program in an effort to increase retailer’s store traffic and subsequently, revenue. The combination of services we offer is not available from any competitor. If you’re not a Now Prepay retailer you’re missing out.  Contact a Now Prepay Sales Representative today to get started!

1 https://www.payments.ca/industry-info/industry-data 

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