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4 New Year Resolutions A C-Store Owner Should Make This Year

June 11, 2021

It is the start of a new year and many people, like a sacred annual tradition, have made new year resolutions. The top three most common new year resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight, and get organized.1 But new year resolutions don’t only have to be personal goals, they can be business goals as well. The new year is the perfect time for c-store owners to reflect on last year, which understandably for most was a difficult one, and look at ways that they can improve their business. Setting goals or “new year resolutions” is important, as it sets the tone for the new year and helps keep you focus on achieving your goals and building a better business.

Here are 4 new year resolutions c-store owners can make this year:

  1. Optimize your floor space - Your store’s floor space should be dedicated to items that customers need and want. They should be positioned in such a way that makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for making it a seamless shopping experience.  
  2. Attract new and repeat customers - Provide your customers with products and services that they regularly want to buy. Prepaid products such as wireless top-ups, Amazon Cash, and online payment vouchers bring in new and repeat customers. 
  3. Drive online shoppers to your store - We saw the importance of e-commerce during the pandemic, and it’s important for brick-and-motor locations to find a way to bring that traffic into their store, especially as the pandemic continues into 2021. At Now Prepay, we offer our retailers the ability to become an Amazon Hub Counter location. This service allows customers shopping on Amazon to pick up their packages at your store. Experience shows, most customers picking up their packages will purchase additional products at your store.
  4. Advertise your merchandise - It is important to advertise the products and services you offer in your store. This can be in the form of stickers on your windows or door to help drive customers inside, it can be posters inside your store, and even wobblers by your cash register. This makes it easier for your customers to quickly see what products you carry, so you never miss a sale. When you become a Now Prepay retailer, you will receive a welcome kit that provides you with marketing material that you can place around your store in visible areas. If you are already a Now Prepay customer and need some refreshed material, contact us at 1-800-253-2111.

These 4 new year resolutions are a great start for your business, but the most important new year resolution for businesses owners is to grow their business. At Now Prepay, we work with our retailers to understand their goals and work with them to achieve them. That is why we have 15,000 retailers across Canada who trust us to help them grow their business through our successful prepaid program. If you would like to learn how you can become a Now Prepay retailer, visit www.nowprepay.ca 

1 https://www.goskills.com/Soft-Skills/Resources/Top-10-new-years-resolutions 

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