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A new and innovative way to load your funds in-person with cash or debit at Canada Post

It’s almost been a year since graduation and I couldn’t be happier with where I landed my first full-time job -- at an innovative FinTech company called Payment Source. If you’re a close friend of mine you’ll know I am passionate about what I do, and begin to geek out when someone asks me what it is that Payment Source has to offer.

In a few words, we offer alternative payment methods for consumers to pay taxes and other bill payments in-person with cash or debit at Canada Post, or online with Credit Card, PayPal, & eTransfer. We also offer other services such as prepaid cards and B2B services to allow our partners to extend cash payments for their users to load funds instantly to their eCommerce stores, card programs, or accounts.

More recently I’ve been working closely with a powerhouse of a FinTech card company from Toronto, called STACK. I am thrilled with all the benefits they have managed to fit into one card program. This card gives the opportunity to say goodbye to branches and hello to globally accessible funds, instant rewards, and tools to manage your money. If you are looking for a card that has zero fees, exclusive offers and promotions that are tailored specifically to you, at your favourite places like Netflix, Lyft, spotify, Frank And Oak and many more, download the Stack app today.

The most valuable benefit to the STACK card for me is that you can load your cash at any Canada Post and the funds are globally accessible right away, with no fees. Yup, the hashtag STACK uses is #noFXgiven, witty isn't it? Use my referral link and you'll get $20 in your account when you activate your card.

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Are you interested in offering your users the option to pay for your product or service in cash at Canada Post? Ask me how we can get you set up just like Stack, today!

This article was first posted on LinkedIn.

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