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July 2022 Blogs

July 28, 2022

Capture The Growing E-Customer Base Without An E-Commerce Platform

alternative payments, payments, retailers

With the trend towards most consumers shopping online today, retail networks which offer their customers the option for prepaid alternative payments will realize increased foot traffic, customer loyalty and the added benefits of a commission on each transaction. Alternative Payment Methods also allow retailers without an e-commerce platform to participate in the online shopping world. 

Person holding a phone
July 7, 2022

Best Ways to Stop Retail Fraud: Guide for Business Owners

Gift Cards, alternative payments, fraud, retail, wireless, OPVs

Fraud attacks on gift card retail businesses are becoming more and more prominent every year, and the pandemic certainly had an impact. In Canada, retail fraud has increased a whole 15% since pre-pandemic and is now costing Canadian retailers hundreds of millions of dollars every year (see source). With this trend, it is crucial you are aware of fraud, so here are some popular forms of fraud and how to protect yourself from them.

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