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Back to School with Prepaid Essentials

October 18, 2021

Summer is coming to an end and back to school is upon us, with many heading off to college or university. For many students and parents, back to school is a very busy time of year, which makes it a busy time of year for retailers. Heading to campus dorms requires many essentials beyond those standard pens, books, and new clothes. Being away from home means being self-sufficient and having access to funds to help support expenses like daily meals, textbooks, and emergency money, as well as keeping their prepaid mobile phones topped up. 

This is a great time of year for retailers to support their communities, and offer products that will help give students and parents peace of mind. Here is a list of products that not only will add an extra revenue stream to your business but will create customer loyalty and repeat business

  1. PayPower Prepaid Mastercard is a great general reloadable prepaid card that is an excellent choice for any student. With PayPower’s online dashboard, students can keep track of their money, making budgeting easier. Not only will Now Prepay retailer’s benefit from the direct card sales but will also be the destination every time customers’ want to top-up their PayPower account with cash or debit.

  2. Mobile Top-ups provide your community an easy way to stay connected, especially for those students who are moving away. Through Now Prepay, retailers can offer their customers a selection of major national and regional prepaid wireless mobile top-ups like Lucky Mobile and Chatr that are budget-friendly. 

  3. Gift Cards are a great way not only to congratulate students on getting into college or university, but also provide them with the extra funds they need for specific stores like BestBuy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Amazon. Or if one cannot decide on one gift card, they can always get the Happy Student Card which allows the student to shop at 8 different select stores.

By offering these products retailers can become the hub in their community, taking care of the needs of new and repeat customers, not only during back to school season but year-round. To learn more about how you can increase your revenue and support, contact us at www.nowprepay.ca

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