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Black Friday Will Be A Bit Different This Year

Black Friday is known for being the largest shopping day of the year in Canada.1 In previous years many retail stores would have customers lining up outside for hours before crowding into stores to get the best deals. However, this year Black Friday will look different due to the ongoing pandemic. Many Canadians will choose to shop online to avoid large crowds which can expose them to the virus. Stores will also have to take careful measures to ensure the safety of their customers, such as limiting store capacity and pushing more of their Black Friday deals online.2

Unfortunately not every Canadian has access to a credit card or they prefer not to use one online as these types of shopping events can create a playground for malicious hackers.3 In fact, Canadians using credit cards to make purchases can expose themselves to fraud, with 17% of adults reporting that they have been personally affected by debit/credit card fraud or theft.4  That is why many Canadians may be looking for a safer way to shop online this Black Friday.

As a c-store owner you can help your customers by providing them with alternative payment methods to shop this Black Friday, while increasing your sales. Here are some popular payment methods you can offer at your store:

  1. Prepaid Visa and Mastercards - these cards are preloaded with a set amount and are redeemable at millions of retailers nationwide. These are perfect for those shoppers that want to shop the best deals at multiple locations without exceeding their card’s set budget.
  2. PayPower Prepaid Mastercard acts just like a credit card but with funds loaded online or at participating retailers before it can be used. Funds can be added to this card as many times as the user wishes which make it perfect for those security conscious shoppers who want to get as many Black Friday deals as they choose without a set limit. 
  3. Gift Cards - These cards are preloaded with funds for a specific retailer such as Home Depot or iTunes. These are perfect for customers scoping out deals at specific retailers. 

Selling the above payment cards at your store will help increase your foot traffic as Canadian shoppers look for alternative ways to shop online this Black Friday.

Amazon Hub Counter has also recently become available to Now Prepay retailers, which allows for Amazon customers shopping online to pick up their packages at participating retailers. Last year Amazon was the top destination for holiday shopping, and we don’t anticipate that this year will be any different. With Amazon Hub Counter, c-stores can participate in Canada’s biggest shopping event of the year and capitalize on that extra foot traffic.

For more information on how you can start selling these popular products, contact us today.

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