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Drive Sales and Repeat Business by Offering Online Payment Products

Ecommerce sales — online shopping, esports, online gaming and other internet activities — continue to experience accelerated growth in Canada. Stores can reap the benefits of this trend by offering their customers products and services to help them easily make these types of purchases.

‘Most Canadians now shop online with studies indicating this trend will continue to grow…The forecast: Ecommerce sales in Canada will reach $79.80 billion in 2022, up 10.4% year over year (YoY). We expect ecommerce growth to remain in the double digits through 2023, and reach $104.77 billion by 2025… (see source)'

‘…In the last several years, esports has moved from a niche community of passionate video game fans to a mainstream, billion-dollar industry. Total esports viewership from around the world is expected to reach 646 million by 2023, and the market could surpass $1.5 billion at this time (see source)'

While these activities are hugely popular with Canadians, many have security concerns about entering their financial information.

Solution for consumer + retailer

One increasingly popular payment solution with both customers and retailers is the Online Payment Voucher, a prepaid voucher. Each voucher comes with a PIN printed on it which can be used to purchase products and services online.

To learn more about our prepaid products and services and the Now Prepay program, fill out a form on our page today.

With consumer concerns about financial data privacy, prepaid vouchers will be attractive to your customers because they are safe and secure, easily available, anonymous and cost effective. They can also be purchased with debit or cash, a benefit for anyone without a credit card. Another reason online prepaid vouchers appeal to consumers is the ability to separate online game spending from everyday banking.

‘Protecting customer data and privacy is among the top 3 trends businesses say will have the greatest impact on their business in 2022....(see source)'

Grow your business with the right prepaid program

Our retailers earn a commission on every voucher they sell. By including them with your offering, you provide additional value to people visiting your store, so they come back again and again, driving up your bottom line. 

Our Online Payment Voucher program, Now Prepay offers versatile prepaid programs ranging from prepaid mobile top ups, gift cards and financial products and services to more than 15,000 retailers across Canada. We have developed a wide range of products and technology solutions to ensure you receive a program that’s right for your business. 

Now Prepay offers Online Payment Products such as paysafecard, Neosurf, MuchBetter and Flexepin, are widely accepted at a variety of websites and make it convenient for your customers to pay and play online! Your customers will enjoy them because they are: 

  • Simple secure way to pay and play online
  • Anonymous method of payment
  • As easy as cash

Become THE Destination for Online Payment Products

Make your customers’ lives easier so they return repeatedly. By selling these popular products in your store with our Now Prepay program, you can increase foot traffic while earning a commission each time a voucher is sold!

To learn more about our prepaid products and services and the Now Prepay program, fill out a form on our contact page today.

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