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Empowering Small Businesses Through Ecommerce

October 18, 2021

Technology is continuously changing how customers interact with retail stores. That is why today, more and more c-stores are evolving and becoming a one-stop-shop for their surrounding neighbourhood, where customers can buy gift cards, load their digital wallets and top up their mobile phones, all while getting a cup of coffee. Most store owners and operators have been adapting to technology changes to meet consumer demands. In some instances, not only are store owners keeping up with changing demands but also getting ahead of their competition by adding new product lines to their mix of services. Those that have not adapted will find it very difficult to attract new customers and stay competitive.. 

As business owners look to attract new customers to their store and grow their business, it is very important to stay up to date with the current trends and changes. One big change that has altered the retail experience is the recent explosion of ecommerce. Now more than ever consumers are choosing to shop online which not only offers convenience but also accessibility during the ongoing pandemic.

Consumer behaviour is why we, as a prepaid product provider, are always evolving our product and service categories to empower our retail network. We understand the importance of bridging the gap between in-store and e-commerce, that is why we have expanded our prepaid categories to enable our retailers to drive those online shoppers to their stores.

Below are two of our product categories that we are enabling our retailers to grow their business through the power of ecommerce:

  1. Alternative Payments - Many Canadians do not have access to credit cards or prefer not to use them online. Providing them alternative ways to pay will not only drive new customers to your store but create repeat foot traffic, and grow your business. Through services such as Amazon Cash, online payment vouchers, and paysafe:cash your store can become a destination for customers shopping online, as these services enable consumers to pay with cash or debit. 

  2. Delivery Services - People are looking for convenient parcel pick up locations. Not everyone who shops online is able to have packages sent to their home address. Through Now Prepay’s Delivery Services program, retailers can become their neighbourhood pick up point for customers looking to pick up or return online purchases. Customers who choose in person pick ups or returns will become repeat customers and often purchase additional items in your store while picking up their package - turning online customers into your in-store customer.

The retail industry is changing regularly and in order for a c-store to be a destination for a growing generation of e-customers, c-store owners and operators will need to evolve their service offering. To learn more about our prepaid products and services  contact us today.


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