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Floorspace Is Valuable In Retail - So Are Prepaid Programs

March 6, 2021

Convenience Store owners and operators know how challenging it can be to find space for new products in their store floor plan. Space is at a premium - and frankly, that’s just how it should be. Every square foot in a store should be dedicated to items that customers are looking for and want to buy. That’s why it's so important to be constantly looking at your product mix and ensuring that you keep up with customer demands.

The Prepaid Visa & Mastercards along with Retail Gift Card category has grown over 33% in recent years registering a value of a staggering $1 Billion CAD¹.  Now Prepay is the best prepaid provider you can choose to help your Store capture a piece of this growing product category.  

It’s true that gift cards are one of the key products that will bring customers in your store, but proper merchandising will help make sure that these products are found, and more importantly, purchased by your customers.  That’s why unlike other gift card providers, when you choose Now Prepay, you’ll pay no fees for your gift card counter rack - and floor racks fees are the lowest in the industry. This means that you’ll get the most out of your gift card program right from the moment you put the display into your store.  

To help you get up and running quickly, each gift card display comes pre-populated with your gift card selection. A gift card rack topper that advertises your new product selection is also included to maximize customer attention to your new rack display.  Each new Now Prepay merchant is provided with a variety of point-of-purchase display advertisements that can be displayed on your storefront window, door, and around the counter area to help point your customers to the availability of these products now being available in your location.

Additionally, with a new suite of Online Payment Solutions now available, Now Prepay is the only prepaid solution provider that will give you access to this exciting product category. Without having to dedicate any physical store space to this product line makes Online Payments an ideal option for stores of all sizes.  Only Now Prepay retailers have the ability to offer: Payment Vouchers, Wallet Loading, Amazon Cash, Stage and Pay solutions like Paysafecash, and In-Person Payments. These new solutions are the ideal compliment to a gift card program to ensure that you are meeting all of your customer demands and maximizing your own profit.

Get started with Now Prepay today!

¹ Payments Canada’s 2017 Canadian Payments Methods and Trends report


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