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Gift Cards Make The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

June 11, 2021

It’s less than two weeks till Christmas, and many people have been struggling to find the perfect gift. It is not always an easy task, especially during these unprecedented times with many holiday shoppers trying to avoid crowded malls. There are some very organized shoppers who started their holiday shopping early, and are currently sitting by the fireplace, drinking their hot cocoa with giant smiles on their faces. But not everyone is as organized, many leave their holiday shopping till the last minute.

It can be exhausting spending hours racking your brain to find the perfect gift. That is why gift cards remain the popular choice for gift giving and make a great gift for everyone. We have seen the popularity of gift cards first hand during the holidays as this is the month where our merchant gift card sales greatly increase. According to our data from last year, gift card sales increased by almost 200% from November to December! This is not surprising, as gift cards offer the flexibility and convenience which has always been appealing to holiday shoppers. We expect this year's gift card sales to increase even more, as many Canadians will be looking for the perfect gift without tackling large crowded malls or superstores.

If you’re a retailer, you want to ensure that your store becomes a destination for these last minute shoppers, offering the latest and greatest gift cards like iTunes, prepaid Visa, and Sony Playstation to support your customers’ gift giving needs. Offering popular gift cards will not only increase your store sales, but will also build brand awareness linking your store to the most top brands and gaining their loyal customers. Remember, placement and proper merchandising of gift card displays is very important in the effectiveness of increasing your gift card sales. Always place your displays in the direct line of vision of your customers, preferably at the front of your store creating a positive and convenient shopping experience.

If you're a retailer, visit www.nowprepay.ca to learn more about how you can add prepaid gift cards to your store, and join the Now Prepay community of over 15,000 Canadian retailers offering prepaid products.

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