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Grow Your Small Business and Prepare Your Store for Moms, Dads and Grads Season

In today's e-commerce based economy, gift cards continue to be both a popular form of currency and a preferred choice for gifting/receiving amongst Canadians. Gift cards offer the flexibility of both in store and online use which is appealing to consumers (see source). When it comes to where to purchase a gift card, 74% of consumers say they regularly buy gift cards from small businesses (see source). They are also considered popular impulse buys (see source) which is why we recommend you position your gift card fixture close to your checkout lane. This time of year shoppers, while  stopping in to their local convenience store for groceries or a gas fill up, suddenly remember that Mothers Day, Fathers Day or someone’s Graduation is just around the corner and they need a gift for that special someone.

Happy Cards are a popular choice for this time of year because they can be used at a variety of stores that appear on the front of the card (see source). Whether you choose Happy Her, Happy Him. Happy Dining, or Happy Home, gift cards are perfect for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or make the perfect gift for graduates.

Over 55% of convenience and petroleum stores across the country are already taking advantage of this revenue opportunity and selling gift cards in their stores. Don’t fall behind the competition. Stay competitive, keep up with trends, and start offering gift cards in your store with the Now Prepay gift card program. Not only will you have access to a great selection of gift cards from popular brands, we will also manage your inventory making it one less thing you need to worry about as a store owner. 

Gift cards are a great way to grow your business. Contact us today and get started selling them in your store.

For more information on popular gift cards for this season, check out our previous blog.

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