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How Online Payment Products Meet Consumer Payment Trends

Esports is seeing rapid growth in Canada. Online gaming alone is a $40+ million dollar industry with online gamers spending roughly $200 a year on new online games and over $120 a year on in-game items (see source), such as cosmetics, battle passes and tokens. While online transacting is convenient, many consumers aren’t comfortable entering their financial data. In fact, 59% have reported to feel more comfortable using a payment method where they don’t need to share their financial details with the merchant (see source). This is just one of the many benefits of using online payment products to make these types of purchases.

Providing consumers with the opportunity to easily separate online game spending with everyday banking is why it’s important to make online payment products accessible for purchase in-stores. Making them available in-stores also gives those without a credit card the ability to purchase these vouchers with debit or cash.

Now Prepay’s prepaid program gives retailers the opportunity to sell a wide range of prepaid products and services, including online payment products. Best of all, our retailers earn a commission on every voucher they sell. 

Selling online payment products in your store creates a new revenue stream and is a great opportunity to grow your business. Not only does this solution bring new customers to your store, it also creates an opportunity to gain long term repeat customers who will return to purchase these vouchers again and again. 

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