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How Supply Chain Disruption Will Affect This Year's Holiday Shopping

In 2020, the rapid spread of COVID-19 brought many countries around the world into lockdown, resulting in many industries reducing their staffing levels and production, ultimately causing panic and decreased consumer spending (see source). A year later, lockdowns were lifted, and consumer demand skyrocketed and strong consumer spending continued through 2020 and into 2021. This inflated demand in turn put increased pressure on the supply chain industry impacting everything from material and labour shortages to lack of transportation (see source). With COVID-19 still having its effects, it seems like once again the holiday shopping season will be different this year.

What does this mean for the end consumer? Those that have not already completed their holiday shopping may experience empty store shelves, rising prices, and long shipping delays (see source). As a result, many people will be looking for an alternative way to get their holiday shopping done. As a C-store owner, you can help your community by providing products and services that can support your customers’ needs during this stressful holiday season, while increasing your store sales.

Here are some popular products and services you can offer at your store:

Amazon Cash - With many store shelves expected to be empty of holiday gift ideas, customers will choose to shop online to find the gifts they need and Amazon is the leading online shopping destination (see source). However, many Canadians do not have a credit card or are hesitant using one online for security reasons. With Now Prepay, C-stores can still make money in the e-commerce space by offering their customers Amazon Cash. Customers can top up their Amazon accounts securely with cash or debit and shop online without the worry some consumers experience with credit cards.

Gift Cards - With a wide variety of options from restaurants, gaming, specialty stores, and more, gift cards make the perfect gift. They are one of the most popular items requested on people’s wish lists. In fact, 77% of Canadian shoppers will buy at least one gift card this holiday season (see source). With Now Prepay, retailers can have access to a large variety of popular gift cards, and with auto-replenishment, Now Prepay takes care of ensuring stores never run out.

If you're a retailer, make sure your store is a shopping destination this holiday season. For more information on how you can join Now Prepay’s retail community contact us today.

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