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How to bring (and keep bringing) new customers to your Cstore

March 6, 2021

Ultimately, every Convenience Store owner has the same question.  How do I bring more customers to my store on a regular basis? The answer is to provide them with products and solutions that create a repeat visit behavior. You want to start stocking your shelves with items that customers regularly want to buy - sounds easy enough, right? But in reality, it’s a lot harder than it sounds.  Did you know that Prepaid Products provides that repeat customer visit behavior you’re looking for?

The retail category of Prepaid Products has changed a lot over the past year, and you may not have heard about some of the newer, innovative solutions that are now available to your convenience or gas/petroleum store. Specifically, the new payment services products now available exclusively to Now Prepay prepaid retailers will change the way - and the reason why - your customers visit your store.

What you should know about Prepaid Payment Services (and why you should care):

  1. Brings the power of well known brands to your store -- Big brands like Amazon Cash are now available  at Now Prepay retail locations.  This addition brings a new kind of customer to your store - one that keeps coming back.  Retailers like you can now be known as a destination centre for customers who want to add cash to their Amazon gift card balance online, which then in turn allows them to shop for items on Amazon. They visit your store with a barcode or a registered mobile phone number, you scan it or enter the phone number, take payment from the customer, and complete the transaction. In 3 easy steps you’ve now become their go-to store for this service.  

  2. Repeat business is the name of the game -- Offering payment services like paysafecard brings in repeat customers for reasons you don’t already have in your store. Did you know that Paysafe is the leading way for online gamers to pay for in-game purchases while they’re playing? This sort of repeat use behavior will make those new customers you see coming into your store, in to your best repeat customers before you know it.  

  3. Gives you an edge over your competition -- Only Now Prepay prepaid program retailers have access to the complete suite of Payment Service Solutions to give your store an edge.  You won’t find this product mix anywhere else. To maximize your customer foot traffic and repeat business, talking to a Now Prepay Prepaid Program Expert now just makes good business sense.

While gift cards and wireless top ups are still part of every well rounded prepaid program, new innovations like Payment Services are changing the way you think of the prepaid category. Don’t get left behind. With the constant evolution of prepaid solutions, your customers will be asking you for these products -- make sure you have them available when they do.

Offer a Now Prepay Prepaid Program In Your Store.

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