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How To Prepare Your Retail Store For The Holiday Rush

It’s almost that time of year! As an avid holiday shopper, I know that gift giving can be a headache, especially when the malls are packed with impatient holiday shoppers. Your customers may have several people on their holiday shopping list, which only makes navigating their way through this busy time of year that much more stressful.

Now Prepay retailers can help ease the stress customers feel in the holiday season by making their store a one stop shopping destination, offering gift cards and a variety of Online Payment Products. Get started now!

Below are a few quick tips to ensure you and your store are prepared to receive holiday shoppers this year:

1) Merchandising Is Key: Around the holidays, it becomes especially important to ensure your store’s display units are stocked with the most popular gift cards customers are looking to purchase. Creating this type of shopping space where the customer feels confident they will find what they're looking for, helps increase your chance of a sale. Gift cards like Prepaid Visa, Cineplex, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, iTunes and Amazon all make for popular choices among shoppers who need a last minute gift or a stocking stuffer to pair with other, smaller items.

2) A Clean Store is a Profitable Store: If you haven’t already, take a look at the cleanliness of your store. Recent data suggests that approximately 14% of consumers won’t continue to visit a store if it does not meet their anticipated level of cleanliness. According to that same research study, if your store is looking cluttered, holiday shoppers may not be able to locate their desired items to purchase, or are less likely to add-on to their purchase. So this holiday season, take some time to create a strong, customer-centric atmosphere. Position your gift card displays in high traffic areas and remove any old signage such as out-of-date window decals. If you’re feeling festive, why not spice up your store with some holiday decorations and soft music.

3) Customer Service Is Key: Strong customer service is critical to creating and keeping loyal customers. Before the holiday rush, take some time to remind your staff of all the prepaid products and services your store offers.  Make sure they’re up to date on all the new Prepaid and Payment Solutions your store offers. Remember, helpful and knowledgeable staff make for happy customers who will return to purchase more after the holiday season.

Remember to refer back to these tips when you are preparing to make your store a shopping destination for the holiday season. For more information on how Now Prepay can help your store increase revenue this holiday, contact us today!

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