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Managing Your Tax Payments Is Easy With The PaySimply Mobile-App

Mobile and app-based banking continues it’s ascent with over 23% of the Canadian population reporting to prefer app-based banking¹. Traditional apps help you keep on top of your day-to-day transactions, but they don’t help you manage your tax payments. We noticed this gap and responded by launching the PaySimply mobile app. 

The desire to get organized is common, but it’s not always that simple--especially when it comes to managing your tax payments. Let’s face it--remembering to pay your taxes is a key problem for both individuals and business owners. With the PaySimply mobile app, you can manage and pay your taxes on the go, in just a few simple clicks. The PaySimply mobile app allows you to schedule payment reminders to help you stay on top of all your tax payments. 

The PaySimply mobile app not only allows you to schedule payment reminders, it also has various other features to help make tax paying simple. Some of the other great features include:

  • Remittance Profiles - easily store your individual and business taxes in one place.
  • Import Remittance Voucher - scan the QR code on your CRA remittance voucher.
  • Repeat Payments - securely reuse the same credit card.
  • Make Payments - using various payment methods such as credit card, e-Transfer, or in-person at Canada Post.

Get started using PaySimply’s mobile app to help you get organized and make sure your tax payments are paid on time from wherever you are.

Download the PaySimply mobile app from the App Store and Google Play. Learn more at paysimply.ca.


¹ https://cba.ca/technology-and-banking

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