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Prepaid’s Place in an Ecommerce World

Consumer shopping habits have shifted towards online shopping over the last few years thanks to ecommerce.¹ In fact, retail ecommerce in Canada will reach CA$52.04 billion this year, up by 20.7%.²  To provide a seamless consumer experience and provide a way to gap the bridge between brick-and-motor with ecommerce, C-store owners need to adapt. 

As a prepaid product provider we have partnered with various brands such as Amazon, STACK, Paysafecard and many more, to offer a variety of prepaid products and services that will drive e-customers to convenience stores: 

  • Amazon Cash is a service that allows customers who want to shop on Amazon but don’t have a credit card. Customers can now add cash to their Amazon.ca balance by showing a QR Code or their phone number at a participating retailer.
  • Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher that comes in a form of a pin that provides customers a safe and secure method to purchase products and services online without the need of a credit or debit card, making it a convenient way for customers to pay and play online!
  • STACK is a popular reloadable prepaid Mastercard that provides instant rewards and tools to manage money with zero fees. Customers can load their STACK prepaid Mastercard by showing their STACK QR code at a participating retailer.
  • Paysafecash is a solution that allows customers to pay for online products and services with cash at participating retail stores using their QR code. 

Retailers who offer products like this in their store will not only benefit from the repeat foot traffic to their location, but generate new revenue opportunities by keeping up with the new and emerging products and services that your customers are using.

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2 https://www.emarketer.com/content/canada-ecommerce-2020 

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