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Let Your Customers Pay You In Person Using Cash or Debit with the Loadhub Payment Network

Your customers can pay quickly and securely in any corner of the country, in real time, because payment is collected at any Canada Post location, with the funds wired directly. Your customers get the fast, local and easy experience they want, and you get access to Canada's largest retail footprint with over 6000 locations nationwide.
Let Your Customers Pay You In Person Using Cash or Debit with the Loadhub Payment Network
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Keep up with in-person payment options

Despite the abundance of available alternatives, paying in person is still the preferred method of payment for many Canadians. Loadhub gives you the ability to accept payments in person from your customers using either cash or debit, allowing them to fund accounts or make payments anywhere in Canada.

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A superior customer experience

Loadhub’s innovative payment code technology and end-to-end integration makes the transaction as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. All your customer needs to do is:


Step 1: Visit any Canada Post location


Step 2: Display the payment code (on their card, mobile phone or print-out), and make a cash or debit payment.


Step 3: Walk away with the receipt. The transaction is quick, secure and consistent every time.

Canada’s largest retail footprint

Loadhub is available at 6,000 Canada Post locations across the country. With close to 80% of Canadians living less than 2.5 km from a post office, and over 90% within 5 km, it’s the most convenient payment network in Canada. With a history of service that dates back to 1868, Canada Post is a partner your customers trust. And you can rest assured that the highest standards of regulatory compliance will be met.


Unlimited payment solutions

Enable reloads for General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards, add funds to mobile wallets, pay in person for online purchases, or make remote cash deposits. Loadhub’s payment code can be scanned from a card, mobile phone or print-out, and can be used by virtually any program whose customers want to pay in person with cash or debit.


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