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Custom Enterprise Solutions for Financial & Payment Services

Have a financial or payment services problem you want solved, but don’t have the technology or development team to make it happen? Get the technical expertise of the Payment Source team working for you.

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Custom Enterprise

Payment and processing solutions, custom-built.

Payment Source specializes in the creation of custom financial and epin processing solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our custom solutions can address a wide range of end-point devices including retail Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, web portals, kiosks and mobile phones. Our experienced team can also provide development, operation and management of financial services and payment solutions including:

  • Custom payment portals and gateways
  • Reconciliation and settlement
  • Custom prepaid products
  • Stored value accounts including mobile wallet apps like zenwallet
Case Study Zenwallet

CASE STUDY: The zenwallet mobile wallet app development

We worked in collaboration with VanCity Credit Union and Canada Post to provide a tool that would give cardholders using Canada Post prepaid cards easy access to the common types of balance and transactional information that they wanted, while helping to reduce the number of calls coming into VanCity’s customer service centre.

What we built

zenwallet is a mobile App designed to let cardholders self-manage their Canada Post prepaid cards, using value-added services such as checking card balances or viewing transaction histories in real time.

The results

By allowing cardholders to manage their own cards, zenwallet helps VanCity reduce the number of calls into their customer service centre, while helping to differentiate the prepaid card programs offered by VanCity and Canada Post, helping to build customer engagement and brand loyalty in the process.

Case Study Bell

CASE STUDY: Increasing efficiency in Bell retail stores

We worked in collaboration with Bell Canada, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, to develop a web-based POS solution for the purchase of wireless products in their retail stores.

What we built

We implemented our technology to enable Bell retailers to easily obtain prepaid wireless PINs for customers through a web application that works seamlessly with Bell’s web-based POS terminals. Bell needed a customized a solution that used their existing authentication system. Bell retail stores now no longer need to carry physical card inventory and have eliminated any of the security risks associated with carrying live cards. Also, Bell stores can now easily cross sell other Bell brands within their stores.

The results

This solution demonstrates how our software was customized to meet Bell’s needs, contributing to increased efficiency, enhanced customer service and greater security at hundreds of Bell stores across Canada. It also shows the flexibility of Payment Source’s technology, and its compatibility with a web interface as an endpoint device.

Case Study Siriusxm

CASE STUDY: Enhancing the customer subscription process – Sirius+

Payment Source teamed up with Sirius XM (operating as Sirius Satellite Radio at the time), to streamline the customer sign-up process for those purchasing cars with pre-installed satellite radios.

What we built

In the early to mid-2000s when car manufacturers began installing satellite radios in cars as a standard feature, SiriusXM encountered a point of friction in its customer sign-up process. Consumers who purchased pre-installed satellite radios couldn’t subscribe right at the dealership, but instead had to contact Sirius separately for sign-up (an awkward process that required customers to locate the car’s VIN and the radio’s serial number).

Payment Source designed a new dealership portal, branded as “Sirius+”, a secure and intuitive web interface that enables dealerships to present and capture a range of customized subscription options for customers. Sirius+ fits easily into dealership operations and provides transaction workflows for lease, finance and purchase transactions for both new and used cars. The portal also allows for multiple user roles with appropriate levels of authority and reporting.

The results

To ensure consistency of process and customer experience, the Sirius+ web portal is integrated into multiple platforms:

  • SiriusXM’s back-end platform, enabling direct activation of subscriptions
  • Payment Source’s EVDS (transaction processing platform), enabling dealership authentication, subscription product management, transaction processing, invoicing and settlement
  • The Achievers loyalty and rewards platform, enabling an integrated rewards program for dealerships and their staff

Sirius+ has been in operation since 2008, continuing to evolve with changes incorporated into the Sirius platform and its products, while still facilitating the sale of SiriusXM subscriptions today.

Get the technical expertise of the Payment Source team working for you. Contact us today.