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Offer your customers the Loadhub Network

Get past consumers’ online payment objections with a simple and secure solution. Accept in-person cash or debit transactions.

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Register for Loadhub today and never miss another online transaction. Sign up is easy. Simply fill out our form and we’ll get you up and running.

How Loadhub works for you

Loadhub lets your organization:

  • Offer the comfort and security of an in-person payment alternative – Overcome online payment objections while seamlessly integrating with your online store.
  • Give access to Canada’s largest retail footprint – Reach more people in more locations across the country.
  • Accept reliable payment methods – Avoid the possibility of chargebacks by accepting cash and debit payments.

How Loadhub works for your customers

Loadhub gives your customers:

  • Simplicity - A quick and easy customer experience.
  • Security - In-person transactions at a trusted crown corporation.
  • Access - Unparalleled geographic reach.
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