As a credit card provider, you’re in the business of extending credit and taking payments. The faster you can verify and apply a payment to a client’s account, the sooner you can extend them more credit. Likewise, customers want to ensure the quickest payment possible so they pay less in fees and interest on their revolving credit.

However, for convenience sake, most consumers make credit card payments online through their bank’s bill payment system. And while it’s a much quicker option than mailing in a cheque, the settlement of online payments usually takes another two business days. It’s an unavoidable delay for everyone. Until now.

Loadhub provides an alternative payment mechanism, one that allows your customers to make cash or debit payments instantly at any one of 6,000 postal outlets across Canada. And you get immediate notification of payments, so you can free up credit balances for clients in real time – and enable more credit transactions immediately.

Your customers no longer have to wait two business days for payments to be applied to their credit cards. And neither do you. With Loadhub.