No matter how ground-breaking and easy to use your digital financial tool is, many applications have a common problem – they cannot accept cash or debit payments. Additionally, some consumers are uncomfortable linking sensitive banking information to multiple applications on mobile devices, citing security concerns. Most understand that a credit card solution, while easy and convenient, can also open the transaction to an opportunity for fraud.

These customers are looking for a new payment choice that works for their lifestyle. They need something secure, easy to use, and widely available that doesn’t connect directly to their bank account.

Loadhub provides exactly that.

Your subscribers can load or transfer funds real-time through either cash or debit to your FinTech solution, tool or app in-person at any one of over 6,000 postal outlets across Canada.

What does that mean to your bottom line? It lets your customers make full use of your innovative digital financial service without this common roadblock. It also provides a guaranteed form of payment, one that’s more secure than a cheque (which can bounce) or a credit card (which can be charged back in cases of fraud). It just makes good business sense.

An easy and secure account load solution for you and your customers. With Loadhub.