Virtually everyone in Canada uses some kind of government service. Whether they need to make an income tax payment, pay for a government service, or simply pay for a parking ticket, governments need to provide equitable access options for payments.

This is particularly important for those who live in more remote communities, or for those who are part of the 13% of Canadians without a bank account or who have a zero balance. A simple payment can prove to be a real challenge.

Loadhub levels the payments playing field – regardless of location or financial status. Payments can be made through a trusted crown corporation, at any postal outlet across Canada. And no bank account is necessary. Canadian governmental agencies can accept payments at over 6,000 locations, at an easy distance for the vast majority of Canadians.

  • 98.8% of Canadians are within 15km of a postal outlet
  • 90.6% of the population is within 5km
  • 78.8% of the population is within 2.5km

You can provide an equitable payment choice that’s available to all Canadians. With Loadhub.