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Digital wallets

Loadhub provides a brick-and-mortar complement to your digital brand, allowing for in-person deposits and KYC validation activities.

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Loadhub bridges the brick-and-mortar gap for digital wallets. It gives your customers access to over 6,000 physical locations where they gain the comfort and security of in-person transactions. It gives your digital brand a physical presence, allowing for easily accessible and secure wallet deposits and KYC validation.

According to the “Canadian Payment Methods and Trends Report 2021”, cash and debit card payments represent 45% of total transactions within Canada in 2020. Loadhub provides your organization with the ability to accept these payment methods and expand your potential customer base in the process.

As a digital wallet, you’re focused on using technology to make finances easier, faster and less costly for your customers. But what makes digital wallets great also puts them at a disadvantage; many lack an easy method to accept in-person debit and cash deposits that provide a complimentary element to a digital experience.

What consumers really want is the best of both worlds: digital finances and a diverse set of payment and deposit options. Despite the discounts and ease of digital wallets, many consumers still want the security and direct human interaction of an in-person wallet load.

The best of both worlds is now possible with Loadhub.

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