As an online business owner, you’ve undoubtedly lost sales because of various online payment concerns. Some consumers aren’t comfortable with online financial transactions, whether it’s directly through your online business website or through a financial intermediary. They want a more secure payment option, one that doesn’t need them to provide sensitive banking information online, and particularly, not through their mobile devices. Other consumers simply don’t have an available or eligible credit card to make an online purchase quick and easy.

You need to give your customers another payment option, one that makes a purchase from you as simple and secure as possible.

Loadhub enables the acceptance of in-person payments from your customers, in cash or by debit, at a trusted crown corporation. You provide your customers with a Quick Reference (QR) code to bring into one of 6,000 postal outlets across Canada to pay for your product or service. They get the comfort of an in-person payment. You get an instant, real-time notification of their payment – so you can complete the transaction. Loadhub is fast, convenient and secure.

Give your customers a trusted alternative to making payments online, and never miss out on an online sale again. With Loadhub.