Alternative Payments

Provide your customers with payment choices

We’ve added payment solutions that give your customers access to a variety of different payment options - you’ll see the benefit of increased foot traffic as well as a commission earned on every transaction.

Alternative Payments bring customers to your store who want to be active online but pay with cash or debit.

Our Alternative Payment Solutions include:

Money Transfer and International Bill Payments

Using our QR and Barcode scanning technology, our new partnerships with remittance companies allow their customers to complete and send money transfer or international bill payment transactions at your store with cash or debit. This new service will bring new customers to your store who will become repeat customers, earning you a commission on every transaction.

Wallet Loading

Using a QR Code or Barcode, your customers can add funds to their mobile wallet or account conveniently at your store.  Once their account is loaded, customers can use that money to shop online and pay their bills. Some of our partners include HPIBet and many more! Tap into this growing customer base by offering these services in your store.

Amazon Cash

Amazon Cash is the simple and convenient way for customers to use cash or debit to make purchases on Amazon.  Customers can load their Amazon balance by either displaying their Amazon barcode or using our real-time reload (RTR) technology by providing their mobile number.  Customers who don’t have a credit card or prefer not to pay for online purchase with a credit card can still have the choice and convenience of shopping online.

Stage And Pay

Paysafecash is a “Stage And Pay” solution that allows consumers to make cash-based payments simply and securely online. Your customers can purchase a product or service online and then pay for it at your store using cash or debit.  How it works: by using Paysafecash as the method of payment online, a QR code specific to the purchase transaction is created. Your customer then brings that code to your store where their QR code is scanned and you collect payment. The ecommerce retailer is then notified in real-time that the transaction has been paid for and the product/service can be delivered.

General Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Now Prepay is enabling Canadians to reload prepaid cards such as PayPower, STACK, Visa and Mastercard with cash or debit in person at selected retail locations across Canada.

Drive foot traffic to your store with these alternative payment solutions that will increase your revenue and grow your business.

Become A Destination For Alternative Payments

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