Man and child dropping off packages in store

Amazon Hub Counter

Package Pickup Service

Now Available! Bring new customers to your store.

Become an Amazon Hub Counter destination. 

Amazon Hub Counter lets your store be the neighbourhood pick up point for customers buying items on Amazon. These new customers will become repeat traffic and will often purchase additional items in your store while picking up their package. 
Drive traffic to your store location by offering an Amazon pick-up experience that will bring new customers into your store. Adding Amazon Hub Counter is a proven method of increasing revenue in your store. Customers coming to pick up their Amazon package typically make additional daily purchases each time they visit, resulting in higher revenues for your store.
How does it work?
Your store will be listed during check out on as a delivery option for customers shopping online.
  1. Amazon will deliver the packages to your store
  2. You scan the package to receive them
  3. The customer will then come into your store to pick up their packages
  4. You simply scan the customer QR code and their packages to complete the order
What do you need to become an Amazon Hub Counter store?
  • Be a Now Prepay Retailer
  • Have space available to hold packages 
  • Access to WiFi 
Amazon is the world's most recognized brand and you can make their customers your customers.

Now accepting new stores to this service! Get started today.