Technology Solutions for Prepaid Products and Payment Services

We offer a technology solutions for every store environment. Whether you require a prepaid-only terminal, an integrated host to host solutions, or access to our Web Store, we have the retail technology solution that’s right for you. Our new integrated scanner allows you to quickly and easily activate gift cards or load money onto an account.  Our proprietary technology ensures that you have access to the latest enhancements that keep you ahead of the curve for new products and services.

Now Prepay Terminals

Our Now Prepay terminals give retailers like you an easy way to sell prepaid products and provide payment services in real time. They’re easy to use and offer:

  • Integrated Scanner for QR and Barcode activations
  • Mobile phone top up via Real-Time Topup (RTT)
  • Virtual Vouchers and Point-of-Sale Activation (POSA)
  • Multi-tiered security
  • Comprehensive terminal reporting
  • Multi-language support Connect via dial-up or TCP/IP connection

Web Store

Our Web Store allows you to sell prepaid products and provide payment services right from your computer. Add a Scanner to get access to a growing number of products and services. Our Web Store:

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Available for PCs or as a mobile app
  • Add a Scanner for activating gift cards, financial products and to offer a growing number of payment services
  • Easy Mobile phone top up via Real-Time Topup (RTT)
  • Sell Virtual Vouchers and SMS the PIN right to your customer’s phone

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Host to Host

We can also integrate our software into your existing third-party or proprietary Point-of-Sale systems.  Contact us to learn more about our host to host solutions.