Meet Matt

Matt Geotz is speaking “Hi my name is Matt, I work with Now Prepay and I’m a National Sales Representative. I’ve worked in the prepaid industry for two years now, and one of my favourite things is working with merchants to help solve a problem they didn’t know they had.”

Text pops up: We provide value

Matt Goetz speaking “I help my merchants by providing them with a prepaid program that gives them access to all prepaid products and new products that prepaid customers want to buy now”.

Text pops up around Matt:

  • Amazon Cash
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Gift Cards
  • Mobile Top Ups
  • Prepaid Wireless
  • In Person Payments
  • And More!

Text pops up: How you as a retailer can benefit from Now prepay.

Matt Goetz speaking “One example of how I help my merchants is this week is helping a merchant change his provider just to get a full prepaid product offering and a barcode scanner that only Now Prepay has. Instantly his first customers that came in were electronic wallet transactions and these are customers he never had before”.

Text pops up: What sets us apart?

Matt Geotz speaking “One of the things that makes Now Prepay different is how we build repeat customers foot traffic to your store with the customer stickiness of our products”.

Text pops up on screen: Start growing your business today!

Matt Goetz speaking “One of the things that makes Now Prepay different from our competitors is our customer stickiness and this will build repeat foot traffic to your store. If you would like to learn more about getting that product and that program, please give me a call. It’s 1-800-253-2111 extension 211. Let me know when you would like to grow your business.