Introduction to Now Prepay with Rebecca Winter

Rebecca Winter speaking “Hi my name is Rebecca Winter, I am the director of Sales and Customer Service at Payment Source”.

Text pop up: Key Differentiators

Rebecca Winter speaking “I think the one thing that gets me really passionate about this industry most recently is my work with the key accounts and really understanding how we do things differently than our competitors. I think the one key area there was an account I was working with where I was comparing the total sales from our merchants compared to what they were doing and there was such a significant difference and I think the really important part of that is because of the product mix we have.”

The following words popping up on screen around Rebecca Winter:

  • Wireless
  • Prepaid Visa and Mastercard
  • Gift Cards
  • Voip and Long Distance
  • Online Payment Voucher
  • International Top Up
  • SIM Cards
  • Small Business Loans

Rebecca Winter speaking “and it’s really invigorating to see how not only the product mix that we have and how that can impact the customers from wanting to come on board with us but how much work we do with our customers whether it be marketing material, call campaigns, and how that really impacts the day to day business that our merchants are having. I think thats the part that really excites me the most and keeps me passionate about doing this job.”

Text pop up: What would you tell prospective customers?

Rebecca Winter speaking “The best piece of advice that I can give a prospective prepaid customer is use the material that we provide them, put it up in their store, promote that they are selling this product in their store:.

Text pop up: For more information visit