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Why choose PaySimply?


No Fees, Ever

No set up costs or ongoing payment processing fees. A convenience fee is charged to the individual or business making the payment.


Easy Implementation

No web integration - simply promote a PaySimply link to your residents wherever you communicate your payment options.


Widest Breadth of Payment Options

Online - All major credit cards, PayPal, and Interac e-Transfer.
In Person - Generate a QR code to take to any Canada Post with a debit card or cash payment.


Receive Payments Digitally

Funds are deposited to the same bank account you already use to collect online bill payments, and you’ll receive reporting from your bank’s online bill payment service.

Canada’s Best Managed Companies

PaySimply is powered by Payment Source

Recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for three years in a row, Payment Source empowers inclusion by providing alternative payment solutions to organizations of all sizes to better serve their customers.


PaySimply is rated 4.5/5 stars by customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays the transaction fee PaySimply charges?

The cost of a transaction is borne by the individual or business choosing to make their payment using PaySimply. Your municipality will never be charged a fee for our service.

We add a small convenience fee on top of your resident’s payment amount that goes mostly towards covering our processing costs, while leaving us a modest margin to maintain our service. The fee we charge is made transparent at several points throughout the payment transaction process, and varies by the method of payment selected:

  • Credit card - 2.5%
  • PayPal - 2.5%
  • Interac eTransfer - 1.0%
  • In-person cash/debit card at Canada Post - $3.95 (payment amounts between $1-$1,000), $5.95 ($1,000.01-$2,000), $7.95 ($2,000.01-$3,000)
  • Installment loan (through third-party lender PayBright at disclosed APRs. Available for payment amounts between $1,000 - $15,000)
How would we enable payments for our residents if there’s no technical integration to PaySimply required?

We would send you a direct web link url (e.g., paysrc.ca/<your muni’s name>) that you would include on your municipality’s payment options web page, bill mailings, and/or wherever else you promote how to pay taxes and utility bills to your residents. Upon clicking this link, your resident would be redirected to the Account Details page in PaySimply.ca that’s specific to your municipality and then input the information required to make a payment.

How do you ensure the correct resident’s account is credited with a payment?

We compel whoever is making the payment to include the account holder name and roll/account number when completing a PaySimply transaction, and then pass that information along to you in a report. We use account validation criteria you establish for the Account Number field to help reduce the chance of mis-allocated payments. 

Will we get any reporting on PaySimply payments made to our municipality?

If your organization has signed up to receive online bill payments with their bank, PaySimply transactions to your municipality will be indicated in an ‘Other Originators’ report you will receive from your bank as part of their standard reporting service (i.e., via EDI, fax or email). ‘PAYMENT SOURCE INC.’ will be identified as the ‘Bank’ from where the payments originated. If your organization does not subscribe to online bill payments from their bank, PaySimply will email you a transaction report directly. In either case, transactions will be itemized and include account name, account number, and payment amount so that you will be able to match the funds deposited to your account with the corresponding payment information for reconciliation purposes.

How do the funds get to our municipality, and what is the processing time?

Once we receive the funds from your resident’s payment, we deposit them via EFT to your municipality’s bank account.  Depending on the method of payment used by the individual making the payment, the maximum processing time is 3 business days from the date the payment is made to the funding of your account.

We have one account for property tax payments and a separate account to collect utility payments. How do you ensure that funds are sent to the proper account?

We would provide you with two distinct, direct links to your municipality’s Account Details pages on PaySimply.ca - one for each of taxes and utilities - that you would promote to your residents. Payment funds would automatically settle to their corresponding accounts.

Who would our residents call if they had a problem or a question about their transaction?

Residents would call our Canadian-based bilingual customer service centre (1-844-440-7777) for any transaction inquiries. We email our clients a receipt after they’ve made their payment that includes a transaction number they can reference when contacting our customer service centre.

Who would handle any payment disputes and credit card chargebacks?
Our company, Payment Source Inc., is the ‘merchant of record’ for PaySimply, and is therefore responsible for the management of payment disputes while assuming the risk of any chargebacks.  Funds are yours once deposited to your account.  In the rare instance a payment is mistakenly made to your municipality, a funds reversal can only occur with your written authorization. 
How secure is the PaySimply platform?

PaySimply does not store any payment information, and personal information is encrypted to offer your residents the highest level of online security.

Does our municipality need to sign an agreement to start promoting PaySimply?

Not at all. PaySimply (actually, Payment Source Inc.) is already included in the legal framework in place that contemplates the banks and financial institutions you have authorized and enabled to deposit funds to your account(s) for online bill payments.

Does promoting PaySimply run afoul of my municipality’s by-laws preventing us from accepting credit cards for tax payments?

While of course every municipality’s by-laws are different, some have language preventing them from directly accepting credit cards for tax payments. As the third-party ‘merchant of record’, Payment Source Inc. is accepting credit card payments from your residents, not you. By promoting the availability of an alternative third-party payment service like PaySimply, you are giving your residents the option to pay their taxes and utility bills by credit card without directly accepting the transaction yourself and potentially being offside your payment acceptance rules.

Can a person pay our municipality using the PaySimply Mobile App?
No but we plan to enable this service to our Mobile App in the near future.