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Canada Post Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard

Making Travel Simple With One Card.

Now available at any Canada Post location.

If you have already purchased your card at Canada Post and have a promotional code please redeem below. 

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Why Choose the Canada Post Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard® 

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Multiple Currencies

Load 7 different currencies on one card. Visit CashPassport.ca to move funds from one purse to another.

American, Japenese Yen, Mexican Peso, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Euro, and Canadian 

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No link to bank account. Zero liability.

Monitor your transactions with the zenwallet mobile app.

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Instantly available at time of purchase. 

Load to desired currency on the spot or online at TopMeUp.ca

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Instantly switch between currencies.

Identifies correct currency by location. 

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Additional Card

Free back up card.

Rapid replacement service.

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Accepted at millions of locations & ATMs.

24/7 support available.

Personally, I hate carrying around small bills and change - especially in a currency that I am unfamiliar with, as it leaves me stumbling at the cash with a tourist target hovering even more clearly above my head. For this reason alone I really liked having the Cash Passport and being able to choose when I wanted to use cash or card and even easily take out cash from an ATM. I also found myself worrying less about being pickpocketed or losing my wallet.  I really like how you are capable of easily exchanging your leftover money to a different currency for your next trip elsewhere and that the card always knows which currency it needs to use. I am very happy to have been told about the Cash Passport - I will continue to use the card and recommend it to others. 


Brittney Watson

Cash Passport User

Simplify and secure your next trip.
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