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Canada Post Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard

Making Travel Simple With One Card.

Now available at any Canada Post location.


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Why Choose the Canada Post Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard® 

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Multiple Currencies

Load 7 different currencies on one card. Visit CashPassport.ca to move funds from one purse to another.

American, Japenese Yen, Mexican Peso, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Euro, and Canadian 

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No link to bank account. Zero liability.

Monitor your transactions with the zenwallet mobile app.

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Instantly available at time of purchase. 

Load to desired currency on the spot or online at TopMeUp.ca

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Instantly switch between currencies.

Identifies correct currency by location. 

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Additional Card

Free back up card.

Rapid replacement service.

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Accepted at millions of locations & ATMs.

24/7 support available.

The purchase of the card is quick and simple. I visited a Post Office, provided name and address and my driver’s license, answered some simple questions and the card was mine. Loading funds was also easy – I picked the currencies and amounts and the clerk told me the total to pay in Canadian dollars. The total time was five minutes and I walked out with my fully loaded card.


Trevor Cook, CEO

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Simplify and secure your next trip.

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