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In-person payments everywhere, instantly

A convenient and secure near real-time financial solution that makes it easy for your customers to load money, make payments, or transfer funds at any of the over 6,000 Canada Post retail locations across Canada.

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Why Loadhub


Generated Loadhub payment codes can be displayed on a mobile phone or printed on a payment card, and can be used by virtually any program whose customers want to pay in person with cash or debit.


Loadhub eliminates the risk of non-sufficient funds (NSF) and chargebacks by collecting cash or debit payment before processing a transaction. Loadhub utilizes a trusted crown corporation network (Canada Post) and in turn meets the highest standards of regulatory compliance (AML).


Loadhub is a financially inclusive network reaching over 90% of the Canadian population who live within 5km of a Canada Post location.

Loadhub can help your business reach new customers

How Loadhub Works

Loadhub uses Quick Response (QR) barcode technology integrated with Canada Post’s point-of-sale system. You can receive your customers’ deposits, payments or account loads at over 10,000 participating locations across Canada. Loadhub provides an in-person payment or deposit option to your customers and gives you immediate transaction notification.

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