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Payment Source empowers inclusion

Empowering Inclusion

    Solutions For:

    Government Organizations

    Accelerate your digital strategy through financially inclusive solutions.

    Not all Canadians are willing or able to make online payments to the government. Our in-person payment system is an inclusive solution that services previously challenged segments of the population, like remote communities and security conscious Canadians. These services also have the potential to significantly reduce cheque payment volumes, which will help to lower processing time and costs.

    Telecom Industries

    Access a myriad of solutions to launch or grow your business.

    If you're a telecom service with an amition to launch or grow in Canada, Payment Source has over 15 years of experience helping to make programs like yours successful. Whether you're looking for convenient locations for account top-ups, or full-service solution for SIM card distribution, we can help.

    Digital Wallet Providers

    Drive both adoption and spend with solutions that enhance the wallet experience.

    The success of a digital wallet program largely depends on two things. Convincing potential users to try it, and maximizing the flow of funds through it. At Payment Source, we can contribute to both of these objecttives. 

    Online Payments

    Gain unparalleled access to the Canadian population.

    Consumer demand for alternative payment options is on the rise. No matter what online voucher you're offering, you'll need to provide a wide range of payment and account load options in order to attract customers and grow your volumes. Through our vast retail network, we can help you reach more customers all across Canada. 

    Card Program Managers

    Drive meaningful growth through in-person, mobile, or online channels.

    Give your cardholders more payment options - so you can encourage cardholder loyalty to maximize reload volumes and revenues. We'll help you to provide in-person, mobile, and online reload options so your customers can access funds by whatever method suits them best. 

    eCommerce Retailers

    Add an array of payment solutions to reach new customer segments. 

    Advancements in digital payment technology are changing the way consumers interact with ecommerce retailers. From cash and digital wallets, to credit cards and e-transfer, consumers want to use the payment method of their choice online. Many Canadians simply aren't comfortable exposing their financial or credit information online - but still want the ability to purchase goods from online retailers. As a leader in alternative payments, Payment Source can help you provide your customers access to an evolving ecosystem of payment solutions, from new payment models and digital wallet solutions. 


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