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We Are Canada's Premier Alternative Payments Provider.

Different people want to pay in different ways. That's why we've built an ecosystem of payers and payees to provide Canadians as many payment option solutions as possible. Through our retail network we offer prepaid cards and vouchers. Our In-Person Payment Network enables Canadians to make payments or load accounts with cash or debit via face-to-face transaction at a trusted retail location. And for those preferring a digital experience, we build custom mobile and web-based solutions. 

Prepaid for Retailers

We provide prepaid products and services for retailers, including wireless top-ups, gift cards, long distance products, prepaid Visa┬« & MasterCard┬« products, and prepaid payment vouchers to more than 15,000 Canadian retailers.

Loadhub Network

Loadhub┬«, an In-Person Payment Network, allows customers of participating card programs, mobile wallet programs, and other account-based or collections programs, to add funds to an account by paying in-person, using their debit card or cash at over 6000 locations nationwide.

Custom Solutions

We also specialize in the creation of custom financial and epin processing solutions, which can address a wide range of end-point devices, including retail Point of Sale (POS) systems, web portals, kiosks and mobile phones.

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