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Ecommerce Retailers

Gain access to the entire payments ecosystem

Add an array of payment solutions to reach new customer segments

Advancements in digital payment technology are changing the way consumers interact with ecommerce retailers. From cash and digital wallets, to credit cards and e-Transfer, consumers want to use the payment method of their choice online.

Many Canadians simply aren’t comfortable exposing their financial or credit information online – but still want the ability to purchase goods from online retailers.

We've built alternative payment solutions that enable Canadians to transact in whatever way suits them. We can help you gain unparalleled access and distribution to the Canadian marketplace through greater payment choices.

As a leader in alternative payments, Payment Source can help you provide your customers access to an evolving ecosystem of payment solutions, from new payment models and digital wallet solutions.

Offer customers new ecommerce payment models – that don’t require a credit card

Fund a wallet / Pay Before

In this scenario, a customer is provided with a QR code linked to their account or gift card, and the customer then loads funds (via cash or debit) into an account that can be used for a one-step checkout. They can browse for and purchase goods online, and their account is debited for their total order and shipment is made immediately. No need to enter or store their credit card information.

Stage & Pay / Pay After

With this model, consumers shop for their goods online and then “stage” their order, receiving a QR code (via email or SMS) at checkout. The order is moved to a pending payment status while the customer makes an offline payment using an over-the-counter transaction. The ecommerce retailer receives instant notification that the payment has been received, and the goods are released for shipment or pick-up.

Keep up with the rapidly changing array of payment solutions

Provide your customers the option of paying with their bank accounts through e-Transfer

We can provide your online business with Interac e-Transfer as a method of payment, a convenient and widely used option for consumers through DirectPay on your online checkout or invoices. Interac e-Transfer is available in over 255 financial institutions in Canada, with over 1 billion e-Transfer transactions in 12 months in 2022. While Visa and Mastercard debit options are also available, many consumers are more comfortable using e-Transfers which can be seamlessly integrated through our payment offering DirectPay.

Add the convenience of a mobile app to your customers’ payment choices

Zenwallet is our proprietary mobile wallet application that enables the storage and management of various payment QR codes and products. It makes it easy for customers to access and retrieve information, to check balances, view transactions and load their accounts at any Canada Post location across Canada. Built with speed and flexibility in mind, Zenwallet allows any mid- to large-sized business to white label a mobile wallet solution to their product requirements.


Gain access to digital wallet platforms that combine loyalty and marketing with simple payment experiences

We offer access to:
  • Cross platform/wallet pollination, which not only improves customer experience but also retention through an extensive depth of features.
  • High growth digital wallet platforms which combine loyalty and rewards with simple payment experiences.

Payment Source Brings Amazon Cash To Canada

Payment Source worked with Amazon to launch the Amazon Cash ecommerce solution in Canada to let users use cash to shop on Amazon.

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How can I shop online without a credit card?
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