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Card Services

Card Program Managers

Offer your customers greater funding options

Give your cardholders more payment options – so you can encourage cardholder loyalty to maximize reload volumes and revenues. We’ll help you to provide in-person, mobile and online reload options so your customers can access funds by whatever method suits them best.

15,000+ locations for in-person payments across Canada

15,000+ locations for in-person payments across Canada

Our network of over 15,000 retail locations provides the broadest coverage for “in-person” account loading in Canada; a reach that allows you to compete with traditional financial institutions. In-person loads can help you tap into the unbanked or underserved segments of the population. Cardholders gain immediate access to funds, which encourages greater card loyalty, and ultimately, higher revenues.

  • Our partnership with Canada Post provides “bricks & mortar” coverage in more than 6,000 locations across Canada, including rural and remote areas where traditional banks may not have a presence.  
  • Our retail network offers reload opportunities at over 9,000 well-known retailers (e.g., Canadian Tire Gas, Hasty Market and Super Sagamie).
  • Payment Source exercises a “good funds” model, thereby eliminating the risk of chargebacks.  

Support your card program with a mobile app that’s ready to go

Zenwallet is a mobile application that provides cardholder utility for their everyday transactions, and also stores prepaid and loyalty cards in a convenient wallet.  Zenwallet lets you to keep pace with consumer demand for mobile technology without the investment and time required to build it yourself. This easy-to-use app promotes self-service by cardholders, reducing service costs while encourageing repeat loads – which helps to establish longer-term program use.

  • Cardholders can perform common transactions themselves (check balance and transaction history, PIN retrieval and reload using Interac e-Transfer).
  • Zenwallet can also display a QR/barcode that cardholders can use at over 15,000 Canada Post and Payment Source retail locations.
  • Choose a white-label version of the app to help reinforce your brand.

Offer your cardholders online loading capability

TopMeUp is a convenient online reload option that cardholders can access from anywhere in the world, from almost any device (it’s optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet access). With this option, you’re providing customers with Interac e-Transfer, enabling cardholders to have the convenience of near-real time access to their funds.

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Alternative payment solutions to enable Canadians to transact in whatever way they choose.

We’ve built alternative payment solutions that enable Canadians to transact in whatever way suits them. We’ll help you service your entire customer base, regardless of their payment preference. Find out how you can add in-person, mobile and online payment solutions for your card program. Contact us today to get started.
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