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Government Organizations

Accelerate your digital strategy through financially inclusive solutions

Not all Canadians are willing or able to make online payments to the government

Recent studies show that more than half of Canadians are uncomfortable exposing their financial credentials online.

Our in-person payment system is an inclusive solution that services previously challenged segments of the population, like remote communities and security conscious Canadians.

These services also have the potential to significantly reduce cheque payment volumes, which will help to lower processing time and costs. 

For many of these Canadians, the preferred payment experience is face to face, in a trusted, familiar environment.

Many are unwilling to transfer funds directly from their bank account, choosing more traditional payment methods, such as mailing a cheque. For Canadians in rural and remote areas, there can be infrastructure challenges to online payments, and access to traditional banking services can be limited.

Our in-person payment system, Loadhub, provides this face-to-face transaction for previously challenged segments of the population.

With almost 90% of the Canadian population living within 5 kilometres of a post office, getting to one is convenient for most. Utilizing QR code technology, post office payments are quick, easy and secure.


To ensure the widest range of convenient and flexible options for making government payments, we’ve also built platforms and relationships to enable Canadians to pay online in new ways.

PaySimply provides choice, convenience and speed for all Canadians to be able to make government payments the way they want. This includes paying with a credit card, via Interac e-transfer and from a PayPal account, through our mobile responsive website.

PaySimply allows you to offer alternative payment methods without incurring the costs associated with implementation, transaction processing or managing multiple settlements. Payment Source delivers the payments electronically, accompanied by a data rich file for streamlined processing. You incur no transaction costs for these alternative payment methods, and their use should help lower the number of payments made by cheque or at government offices, helping to further reduce costs.

Payment Source enables new ways for Canadians to pay their taxes with PaySimply.

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Why can't I pay the government the way I want?
Why can't I pay the government the way I want?
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