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Four Ways Retailers of all Sizes Can Participate in E-Commerce - Even Without an Online Experience

There has been a shift in the way consumers like to shop. More people than ever before are shopping online and projections show that e-commerce will continue to grow (see source). This shift towards e-commerce was highly accelerated by COVID-19 as lockdowns were put in place and many people chose the safety and convenience of online shopping (see source). This forced many businesses to adapt and take part in the digital space in order to meet their consumers' needs. 

Not every small business retailer has the means to adapt to an online shopping experience due to a myriad of technical reasons or costs. But, to stay relevant and competitive in the e-commerce world, there are other ways they can bridge the gap between online shoppers and their physical store. 

Here are a few examples of prepaid products which enable our retailers to grow their business providing consumers methods of payment to participate in the world of online shopping:

Online Payment Products - These vouchers provide customers with an alternative method to purchase products or services online without the need of a credit or debit card, providing a safe and secure experience.

Amazon Cash - Enables consumers that may not have access to a credit card, the ability to use cash to shop on Amazon! Consumers can add funds to their Amazon Cash balance in store by displaying their Amazon QR code and making a payment via cash or debit.

Paysafe:cash - Makes online shopping possible for people who do not have access to a debit or credit card, or for those who do not want to use them online. Customers can simply pay with cash beforehand at participating locations, and then complete the transaction online.

Prepaid Reloadable Cards - General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards such as the PayPower Mastercard and STACK are activated with an initial denomination which, upon registration by the customer, can be reloaded, time and time again. They can be used in-store or for secure online shopping and can be reloaded at any participating retail location, bringing customers back time and time again.

It is important to offer products and services that meet your consumers’ needs. In an era of e-commerce, offering products to help consumers participate in the e-commerce space is just one method of bringing online shoppers into your store. To learn more about Now Prepay’s product and service offering contact us today.

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