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Technology Solutions for All Retail Environments

The retail environment is always changing as new technology emerges, and new payment methods are offered, which makes a POS (point of sale) system that much more important to a retailer’s store’s success. A POS system not only makes processing transactions easier, it also stores valuable information, such as product inventory, pricing, and all sales data. It also can make or break the shopping experience at your store because when the payment processing time is slow, it can result in the loss of customers. That is why it is important to have the most up to date POS system to provide a seamless shopping experience.

The POS system is one of the most important pieces in a retail store, however not all retail stores are the same, and many need a different technology to adapt to their environment. That is why at Now Prepay we offer innovative technology solutions for all retail environments to ensure that each store has what it needs to be successful. 

Our technology solutions include:

Now Prepay Terminals 

Our Now Prepay terminals provide retailers an easy way to sell prepaid products and provide payment services in real time. With these terminals we offer an integrated Scanner for QR and Barcode activation, making product activations even simpler.

Android Terminal 

Our newest terminal is a barcode scanner, terminal and receipt printer in one. Not only is the interface very user friendly for a more convenient product navigation, but it also lets our merchants transact even faster!

Web Store

There are many retailers that do not have the room for a terminal, and that is why we created a Web Store. Our Web Store allows our retailers to sell prepaid products and provide payment services right from their devices whether PC, Mobile or Tablet. They even have the option to add a Scanner to get access to a growing number of products and services. 

Host to Host

We can also integrate our software into our retailers’ existing third-party or proprietary Point-of-Sale systems, making the transacting process an all in one seamless experience.

Through our advanced innovative technology, we make sure that our retailers have access to the latest enhancements that keep them ahead of the curve for new products and services. To learn more about what Now Prepay can do for you contact us today.

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